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Samantha & Trenton — Minted
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To respect the health and safety of all of our guests we ask that you please abide by all CDC guidelines leading up to and during our wedding ceremony and reception. We will have measures put into place on the day of to ensure that all of our guests feel comfortable.




Samantha and Trenton

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Our Story

Her Version:
Much to everyone's surprise, we met on Tinder (a dating app) in Tallahassee, Florida. We both swiped right and after about a week of messaging back and forth, we went on our first date. I remember that it was the most fun I'd had in a very long time. The down side was that I had to tell him on our second date that I was leaving Tallahassee in two weeks and traveling indefinitely (aka leaving behind my job, belongings, and everything I'd known for the last six years). He decided to stick with me anyways saying something like, "Let's see where this goes." Now here we are four and some change years later living in my hometown, engaged, and still having the most fun I've ever had.

His Version:
I first met Samantha on a dating app in Tallahassee, Florida. What originally drew me to her was that she liked whisky, traveling and was beautiful! On our first date we had so much fun playing bocce ball at Proof and just riding around and hanging out after dinner. We always have such a good time traveling whether in Savannah, Austin or now North Georgia. I knew she was a keeper when not only did she sit through the South Carolina Vs Florida game in the pouring rain, but she raised hell in the stands with me. I always love how she pushes me to try new things and to be a better person. She has made me a better man and the best version of myself!